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Having spent many Sunday afternoons in the pub (Often turning into evenings and nights) discussing Non-League football and driving our ‘Sundat’ teammates crazy after the morning game. It was decided that we would swap the pint of carling and chase the ace for a microphone and recorder. Far from interview experts or audio editing masters we decided to give it a go and agreed on the name Grassroots Gossip. As a current Non-League player (Westy) and manager (Cazza) we quickly used our contacts in the game to persuade guests to come on the show. Amazingly, we kicked off series one with the former premier league striker Lee Hughes. His story of joining the Non-League game after being a professional inspired us to also focus on Non-League players who have gone on to make the opposite upward journey to the professional ranks. The huge Non-League names continued to appear on the show – Kyle Perry, Kris Taylor, Ashley Hemmings, Richard Batchelor as well as Non-League managers such as Steve Burr, Neil Tooth, Matt Clarke, and Marvin Robinson. Series one even included a chairman and scout episode for good measure.

As the social media pages began to grow and our listening figures rapidly increased it was becoming likely we would need to begin planning a series two. However, this was only made possible by our main sponsor, midlands based – ACE Embroidery. Alongside additional advertisements the show was backed to continue. Just like series one we opened the podcast with a massive name, in this instance it was Wigan Athletics’ Chey Dunkley. The Wolverhampton born defender articulated his outstanding rise through Non-League to his current professional, championship status. Series two has followed in an equally impressive fashion with the likes of Ian Long, Steve Hinks, Richard Thorndike, and Francino Francis appearing on the podcast, to name but a few.

In order to progress and produce a third series please continue to support us by leaving ratings and reviews as well as subscribing to gain instant access to new material. Thank you once again for following our podcast journey and showcasing what the midlands non-league football scene is all about.

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